Ours is a registered organization (NGO) with its registered office at Palakkad and is unique and different with its unselfish service. It is recognized locally, nationally and now internationally for its exceptional performance and social activities.

Realising the pivotal role that an NGO can play in eradicating social evils and injustice, a group of friends came together and formed an association named ‘Consumers Association’ on 25th May 1991, registered under Societies Registration Act of India.

As an NGO functioning in the consumers’ interest, we interact with statutory and recommendatory committees & forums constituted by the government and raise the problems of aggrieved consumers and uphold the rights of the civil society. We raise youth awareness and their active participation in issues of controlling corruption and improving transparency at the local government level through public awareness campaign and a series of meetings with youth in schools and Colleges. We also engage inpromoting transparent, incorrupt and effective management of public finances bylocal governments in municipalities. The project aims to promote community needs in order to improve public services and communicate that politicians and bureaucrats should become more accountable to the public which would lead to better decision making.

Government decision making capacity should be improved through involvement of all relevant stakeholders in national and local public policy formulation and the implementation of policies should become more efficient. As a part of educating the civil society, the Consumers' Association conducts seminars, debate,discussion and symposiums on various subjects and started celebrating World Consumers' day every year. To raise awareness in the civil society, various competitions were conducted and prizes distributed to the winners. Additionally, the Consumers' Association honours persons, institutions and organizations for their outstanding service towards consumer community on an annual basis.

Such seminars, symposiums, group discussions and celebrations have saved the civil society from the exploitation and unfair trades and services to some extent. The expenses for such programmes are met from the membership fees of new members who join each year.

Considering our relentless services, the Government of India and the State Government have nominated us to various statutory as well as recommendatory committees constituted by the government.

Given below is a list of the most important statutory as well as recommendatory committees nominated by the state and central governments that we have been nominated to.

I.Central Consumer Protection Council, (CCPC) Govt. of India,KrishiBhavan,New Delhi.
The Chairperson of the CCPC is the Minister for Food, Public Distribution,Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, with its office at KrishiBhavan, New Delhi and the duration is for the period of 3 years.

The Central Consumer Protection Council (CCPC) chaired by the concerned Minister, Govt. of India,is the authority at the national level to make the Act really meaningful and useful including necessary legal amendments to ensure the consumers rights & interests.

The Central Consumer Protection Council is the backbone of the Consumer Protection Act -1986 in India. The new council consists of 35 members including ten Ministers from different States, tworepresentatives from Parliament, various heads of the important departments, and Consumers, Trade & Industries associations. We have been nominated to the newly reconstituted CCPC as per the Government of India's latest Gazette notification published on 14th October 2007.

ll. Consumer Adequacy Group Member of TRAI , Govt. of India , New Delhi.
The role of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Authority (TRAI)In the early 90's there was a shift in the economic policy of the Government of India. The main purpose of the new economic policy was to improve India's competitiveness in the global marker and rapid growth of exports. Another element of the new economic policy was to attract foreign direct investment and also to stimulate domestic investment. During the same period it was also felt that the telecommunication services of world class quality was of utmost necessity for the success of the new economic policy and that it should be accorded a high degree of priority in the government. With this aim in view, the sector was liberalized and private companies were allowed to enter this service sector.This entry also facilitated an increase in the level of investment in the sector; and such an increase was badly needed. This became possible only with the participation of private companies in the sector.

With the private companies and government companies sharing markets of various services in the telecom sector, the necessity of an independent regulator of the activities of this sector was felt. Accordingly the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI ) came into existence in the year 1997 through an Act of Parliament. Under the provisions of this Act, the TRAI is vested with certain powers and functions.

Considering our service in the field of telecom (mobile as well as land phone), we have been recommended, among other 40 NGOs, at the national level into the Consumer Advocacy Group, TRAI, New Delhi.This committee is constituted as per the TRAI Act, for protecting the interests of the consumers at national level.

We have participated in many discussions and consultations organized by TRAI at various places and contributed many valuable suggestions for ensuring the upholding of consumer interests in this field. The Chairman of the TRAI is the final authority and its office is functioning at MahanagarDoorsancharBhavan, JLN Marg, OldMinto Road, New Delhi-110002.

lll. State Food Advisory Council, Govt. of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram.
We are also a member of State Food Advisory Council which was reorganized by the Government with the Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Minister as its chairman. The Council consists of 35 members from various departments, Legal Metrology, LPG, Petrol, FCI, Ration Dealers, Trade Unions, Agriculture Societies, Associations of Hotel Owners and consumers' associations. The council with its office at the Government secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram aims at protecting the interest of the consumers especially in food, public distribution and LPG-petrol sector.

Apart from the above, we actively associate with other committees constituted as per the Government. The Consumer Welfare Fund, the Consumer Protection Council, the Petro Products Grievances Redressal Forum and the Food Advisory cum Vigilance Committee are among the other important few.

We are serving through these committees to the best of our abilities, without any compensation or remuneration whatsoever, for the welfare of the civil society.

We fought for and on behalf of many consumers who were refused fair service from various service providers from time to time. A few instances are given below.

1. An incident of negation of electrical connection to a poor woman.
Ms. K K Ramani is a staff of one of the Public Sector enterprises , Govt.of India and is a widow aged 50. She is belongs to the scheduled tribe community and staying at Kottamparakkulam, Kanjikode .She had remitted Rs. 450/- to the Electricity Board as the Connection deposit on 24th November 2000. Even after four years the Electricity Board refused to provide connection to her house in the modern society and there upon she approached us with a written complaint.

On receiving the complaint 15th August 2004 , we conducted preliminary enquiries and found that there was undue delay & negligence of service on part of the KSEB authorities. Then we issued a notice to the Chief Engineer, K S E B ,Palakkad on 30th August 2004 demanding a reply within 30 days clearly stating that it is a case of negation of justice to a deserved schedule tribe widow. The notice was ignored by the Chief Engineer, K S E B. Then We approached the Officer and discussed the matter and learnt that two neighbors had filed their objection in allotting electrical connection to Smt. K K Ramani.

The chief Engineer promised to do the needful to overrule the requests of the neighbors and take up the matter soon. But it was noticed that the Chief Engineer did not take any action even after several months. Later we brought the issue before the District Collector but of no avail.

So we submitted a petition to the Chief Minister through "Sutharya Keralam" on 21 March 2005. The Chief Minister ordered the Chief Engineer to take up the matter and report within 15 days. Copy was given to us. On receiving the notice from CM's office the Chief Engineer informed us that two neighbors of Smt. K K Ramani had filed objection against allotting electrical connection to K K Ramani at Additional Dist. Magistrate's Court and two advocates were looking after the court proceedings....

Then we contacted the office of the Additional Magistrate and learnt that the court had taken the case but no hearing was done last one and half years. Consequently, the General Secretary, appeared on behalf of Smt K K Ramani and argued against the unfair service of the KSEB and the undue delay for connection order . The case proceedings began once again.

After a prolonged eight hearings the court rejected the objections filed and accepted our arguments on 23 November 2005 and the next day that is on 24th November 2005 , the K S E B had given electrical connection to Smt. K K Ramani. Consumers' Association is proud that it could lend its service to a destitute widow absolutely free.

2.Abnormal Service Charges levied by STD Booths ... "Service charge is not the Right"

During 1999 the Organizations of STD Booth owners approached the High Court of Kerala to levy service charge at the rate of Rs.2/- per call. But we rose to the occasion and fought the case in High Court Single Bench, Division Bench, Full Bench and the Supreme Court from 1999 to 2002 and obtained the verdict in which the court had undoubtedly stated that the service charge is not the right of the STD Booth Owners. The beneficiaries of this verdict are millions of common people who daily make use of the STD Booths...

3.Service Charge for SB Account Holders levied by Catholic Syrian Bank.

Service charges at the rate of Rs.25/- were collected from Smt. Hema Venugopal and Sri. V A Menon by the Catholic Syrian Bank at their Chandranagar Branch. The authorities kept mum while questioned by the account holders so they lodged a compliant with us.. We took up the matter and contacted the corporate office of the bank. In the discussions and arguments that followed Consumers’ Association could convince that the Bank was unlawfully taxing its customers and the Bank issued orders to stop the service tax and also to refund the service charges levied in the past to the complaints. Due to our intervention thousands of SB account holders benefited throughout the country.

4. Action taken against distribution of Synthetic Milk which caused fatal diseases

Synthetic milk was distributed by some anti social elements from Tamil Nadu in cans in and around Palakkad, Thrissur and Eranakulam districts. Some citizens who grew suspicious of the quality of the milk brought the incidents to the notice of Consumers' Association. We brought this issue before the District Food Advisory cum vigilance committee and requested the authorities to test the quality of the milk. The Chairman of the committee Dr. Elankovan, the district Collector issued orders to the food inspector to find out the certainty of the compliant. On examining the milk it was found to be manufactured using Urea, Soyabean waste and out dated milk powder. Also the lab report indicated the fatal diseases if the milk is consumed by the public. Consumers' Association had to face threats from the milk mafia but took firm decisions and fought against the mafia and stopped the distribution of such milk , and saved thousands of poor people .

5. One day fasting at the Civil Station on 03-03-03 to open the eyes of the Government.

The function of CDRF ( Consumer Disputes & Redressal Forum – Consumer Courts ) came to a stand still by 2003. This was because the Government did not nominate the Members for the two vacancies of the forum, created by leaving of two members. We have submitted memorandum to fill the vacancies at the earliest to Sri. G Karthikeyan the Minister who was handling the port folio, with a copy to the Chief Minister Sri. A.K.Antony and Opposition leader Sri.V.S.Achudanandan.

In the memorandum Consumers’ Association brought the importance before the Government to fill the vacancies in a month’s time lest Consumers’ Association should be forced to proceed with other means such as hunger strike etc.. to apprise the citizens of the grave irresponsibility on the part of the Government.

When all the requests and memoranda fell in a deaf ear, Consumers’ Association assembled in front of the Civil Station for a One Day Hunger Strike and once again warned the authorities of the legal consequences .This had its own effect and in a week’s time the vacancies were filled and CDRF ( Consumer Court ) started functioning to the benefit of hundreds of consumers..

6. In the High Court to constitute the Consumer Protection Councils
Respondent: 1. Govt. of Kerala, Ministry of Consumer Affairs,Thiruvanathapuram
2. Member Secretary, Consumer Protection Council
Govt. of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram.

The Consumer Protection Councils section 7 & 8a and b ,falls under the authority of the State government aims at creating a holistic awareness in the civil society by promoting and conducting meetings and seminars , and motivating the Consumers Courts (CDRF and CDRC) for speedy disposal of the disputes . The period of the council is for 3 years. Since 2003 the State Consumer Protection Council , constituted on 2002 became inactive and even after 2005 the Government did not take any initiative to form the new Council.

Moreover, in accordance with the CPA -1986 Act amendment of 18th December 2002, inserted section 8a&8b for The District Consumer Protection Councils (DCPC ) and no actions were taken by the government for the constitution of the DCPC in all districts . Considering all these circumstances, Consumers' Association filed a case with the High Court of Kerala for the constitution of these councils . The General Secretary appeared as Party in Person . Case No. [W.P. (C) 5285/2005] and argued against the service negligence of the government.

As a result, on 28th March 2005 Chief Justice Sri. K S Radhakrishnan and the full bench passed orders for appointing the above council within 90 days and the Government immediately took action to form the councils. Our Consumers' Association was the only organization that spent time and money to awaken the Govt. officials to form the councils thereby meting out requisites of the people.

7. Celebration of World Consumers Day with 'Sathyagraha' on 15-03-2007.
We celebrated the World Consumers Day on 15th March 2007 with a "Sathyagraha" in front of the Fifth lamp corner ,Fort Maidan Palakkad to invite the attention of the Government to the following facts:

  • To protect the CDRF and CDRC which are in its sinking stages.
  • To reorganize the DCPC and SCPC for their faultless functioning.
  • To include the vehicle owners who pay road tax in the jurisdiction of Consumer Protection.
  • Take stern action to ensure flawless performance of the Telecom Department.
  • To restrict deceitful business tactics in the Insurance and Banking fields
  • To ensure strict action against food adulteration
  • To suspend license of Petrol Bunks which do not supply correct volume of Petrol, by making adjustment in the measuring mechanisms.
  • To suspend License of LPG distributors who levy extra charges for delivery of gas cylinders.
  • To eliminate middle man policy in the agricultural field.

  • 8. Helping Auto Rickshaw Commuters:

    In the General Body meeting of the Consumers' Association held on 18th May 2005 it was decided to proceed with activities to put an end to the problems faced by the common man using auto rickshaw as the mode of conveyance. The main problems faced by the passenger were indecent behaviour of the auto drivers, quarrelling with the passengers for extra tariff, not switching on the meter during the service etc.

    A memorandum was presented by the Consumers' Association to the concerned Minister with copies to the District Collector, Superintendent of Police and RTO. Accepting the memorandum the Minister passed orders to convene a meeting and accordingly the Collector called a meeting on 30 December 2005 with the participation of ADM, Superintendent of Police, RTO, RDO, Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology, Representatives of various Trade Unions and the Consumers' Association and formed Auto Fare Meter Implementation Committee.

    The grievances of auto travellers were presented with proof by P.A.Surendran, General Secretary and S. Rajendran, Executive member of Consumers' Association. The representatives of different trade unions accepting the facts remarked that 25% of the drivers who do not have membership in any of the trade unions are the culprits for such illegal and dishonest activities.

    Also they blamed the R T O for the irregularities in issuing licenses, the legal Metrology department for not sealing the meters in time and the Police department for not taking action against Autos plying without meters. To study the problems and to suggest remedies a sub committee was also formed with representatives of CITU, AITUC, INTUC, Legal Metrology, RTO, Police and Consumers' Association with ADM Sri. V Radhakrishnan as its president.

    The Sub committee decided to take action such as recommending pre-paid Auto Booths, giving one day training to Auto Drivers, ensuring timely sealing of Auto meter, supplying laminated fare cards to Auto Drivers, fixing charges for unit , distance etc.

    The district Collector discussed the recommendations of the sub committee and gave green signal to go ahead with the recommendations and suggested to raise the required fund by inviting sponsorship from business magnates to avoid allotting funds by Government departments. The Consumers' Association took over the responsibility and implemented the recommendations one after another.

    Two pre-paid booths for Auto Rikshaw were opened at Civil Station on 26 June 2006 and at K S R T C Bus station at Palakkad on 31 August 2006. Laminated fare cards were distributed to the Auto Drivers. By the interference of Consumers' Association almost 90% of the grievances were set right in a short span of time and hundreds of Auto Commuters enjoy the benefit.

    But the transfer of the District Collector Mr. K Ajaykumar, IAS , and illegal intervening and influencing of a trade union leader at the police department , slowed down the whole process and damaged the refinement scheme..

    9. Impact of Cini Artist's glamour in promoting low quality gold :

    The Central Government appointed Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to protect the interest of the consumers of gold. As a course of action the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) had introduced the "Hallmark" system to standardize the quality of gold and allotted numbers as 916, 875, 750, 585 and 375 for 22, 21, 18, 14 and 9 carets respectively. But most of the common people are still ignorant of this and never knew that the pure gold is 916 BIS Hallmarked.

    With the help of advertisement using cini stars the jewellers misled the public to believe that 916 gold is pure gold, whereas 916 BIS Hallmarked gold alone is of 22 caret . As a counter measure Consumers' Association started conducting seminars with the participation of Officers from BIS to educate the public on purity of gold. In the present market the difference of one gram 916 purity gold and 916 BIS Hallmarked gold is around Rs.2000/- . One can understand how much profit the jewelers are making by selling 916 purity gold instead of 916 BIS Hallmarked gold.

    10 . Celebration of World Consumers Day with 'Sathyagraha' - 15th March 2008

    Inspired by the result of last year's celebration Consumers Association once again celebrated World Consumers Day with 'Sathyagraha' in front of Palakkad Municipal Complex on 15th March 2008.

    The 'Sathyagraha' was inaugurated by Honble. M L A Sri K K Divakaran. Our demand was to make full fledged Footpath in the town, plan and construct perfect Drainage system and to take necessary steps to make Palakkad a 'Mosquito free town'. The success of last year's activities attracted members of many other organizations to participate in the 'Sathyagraha' organized by us.

    11. We are the first in India bag the United Nations " Special Consultative Status "

    It was on 9th April 1985 that the United Nations passed a resolution and decided to celebrate World Consumer Day on 15th March every year but so far it was not listed in United Nation's approved list of celebrations. This knowledge led us to submit an appeal to the Economic and Social Council which is one of the five divisions of the United Nations, in 2004.

    Representatives from 18 nations including India formed a Committee to examine such appeals received from various organizations. After presenting satisfactory clarifications to all the queries, the Committee awarded Special Consultative Status to Consumers' Association on 13th July 2007.

    This recognition from the United Nations gave us an opportunity to broaden our services to the international level and we are now eligible to participate in all the discussions and seminars organized by the United Nations at New York, Geneva, Vienna and other countries for the protection of Civil society all over the world. By participating in such discussions and seminars we shall be able to raise our views for the unorganized consumers in a world forum .

    12. Celebration on Special Consultative Status with the United Nations with Cultural eve.. at Hotel Indraprastha , Palakkad.

    A public meeting with Cultural evening was convened on 18-10-2007 at Hotel Indraprastha -Annex Conference hall, Palakkad to celebrate this great event on the UN accreditation. Sri. C. Divakaran , the honble Minister for Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Govt. of Kerala inaugurated the function.

    The General Secretary Sri. P.A.Surendran was honoured and congratulated by Hon' MP. Sri. K.E. Ismail , for the selfless service rendered to him to make the Consumer Association , what it is today . Sri. KK. Divakaran , MLA , Smt. Subaida Ishaq , the District Panchayath President , Adv. Santha Devy ,( Grahalakshmy ) Adv. Mathews Thomas (YMCA ) etc.. spoke on the occasion.Ahuge gathering attended the function.

    13. Regular Seminars & Debates in our World Consumer Rights Day Celebration on 15th March , National Consumer Rights Day Celebration on 24th December & Annual Day Celebration 25th May.

    14. Actively participating regular Meetings & Consultations conducted by Govt. of India for Dept. of Consumer Affairs, TRAI , BIS , Ministry of Information and Broadcasting including Food , CWF , Petro-products etc. of Govt. of Kerala.

    15. Regular Consumer Education and Empowerment programmes for Students & Youths.

    16. Planning to start an Institute for Consumer Education and Empowerment.

    17. Conclusion

    One way or other way we are all Consumers. " Consumers' protection is not just a term to be used as in leisure time talk " but a political ideology, nay strategy of all developed and developing countries.

    The above is only a concise report of some of the many activities undertaken successfully by our Consumers Association. We are continuing our crusade against the atrocities against THE UNORGANISED consumers .

    We know that the distance traveled so far is insignificant compared to what we have to accomplish in future. Let us unite and work together to accomplish our goal.

    Unhealthy competition may affect the health and interest of the consumers.. Any food items produced in any part of the world can reach to the hands of Indian Consumers next day . Adulteration, sales of prohibited drugs , pesticide above the level and steroid contents in the packed food are not safe to anybody.

    It is our dream to have our own Office complex with a full fledged modern & scientific lab for determining the quality of food articles and beverages , to test precious metals , detect food adulteration , drinking water, pesticide contamination in the soft drinks, and a modern scientific library &auditorium for conducting seminars, training classes , conferences with Guest house and dormitory ..

    We invite you to be a part of the Consumers movement activities by becoming a member of our Association and contribute a little of your expertise , ( navigation link to Membership ), time and money so that the succeeding consumer community is well aware of their rights and privileges and may live in a world where there is a strong law and order situation against unfair traders and service providers....

    ( on line Link to be provided ) Your blessings / contributions in any currencies in the world may please be forwarded to our Current Account no. 5 7 0 0 3 8 3 7 5 1 2 ( IFS Code ; SBTR 0000673 & SWIFT Code is SBT RIN BBF ED ) maintaining at State Bank of Travancore ( SBT ) Chandranagar branch , Palakkad- 678007 , Kerala , India .

    Advt. Surendran.P.A.
    General Secretary , Consumers' Association,
    Regd.Office : Soorya City , Sudevan Road , Sulthanpet , Palakkad ,Kerala,India - 678001
    Regd. No. 256/1991, Post Box No. 1, Palakkad - 678 001
    Phone : +91 491 2569952. Mobile : +91 9446059952.
    e-mail : 1) surendranpdca@gmail.com 2) consumersorg@gmail.com
    Our web site : www.consumersindia.org


    Considering our relentless service towards the society , we have been nominated in the Statutory as well as the recommendatory committees constituted by the Government of India & Government of Kerala..

    Among the important few are:

  • Member : Central Consumer Protection Council,(CCPC) Dept. of Consumer Affairs, Krishi Bhavan, Govt of India, New Delhi.
  • Member : Consumer Advocacy Group, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India,(TRAI) New Delhi.
  • We are an NGO registered under the Bureau Of Indian Standards,(BIS) Govt. of India ,New Delhi.
  • Member : State Food Advisory Council, Govt of Kerala, Dept of Consumer Affairs, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Member : State Consumer Welfare Fund Committee, Govt of Kerala,
  • Member : State Consumer Protection Council, Govt of Kerala, -2002. ( At present no Council in Kerala )
  • Other registrations: Registered under FCRA, Ministry of Home Affairs,Govt. of India, New Delhi ,PAN and Section 12AA under Income Tax, Act Govt. of India, New Delhi.
  • Awards : 5 state Awards, and 2 National Awards.
  • An Affiliate Member of Consumers International ,24 Highbury Crescent , London N5 1RX United Kingdom ,Tel: +44 20 7226 6663 Ext. 243 ,Mob: +44 796 894 9327 , Fax: + 44 20 7354 0607.
  • Our Vision :

    To protect the Interest & Welfare of the Consumers .

    Our Mission

    Try our level best to Organize the Unorganized

    Our Mode of Activities - in 3 level.:

  • Make aware the consumers by conducting Seminars , Debate and discussions on important Consumer issues
  • Help the government to take suitable policy level decisions to protect the interest of the consumers..
  • Make our own / Joint / supporting endeavors & projects for protect the interest and welfare of the consumers .

  • Important Recognitions for the last 24 years of our dedicated Service at National and International level :

  • United Nations Special Consultative Status
  • UNCTAD Geneva Observer Status
  • Ex. CCPC (Govt of India)
  • CAG member of TRAI (Govt of India)
  • BIS (Govt of India).

    DONATIONS :- How Can I Help?

    The Consumers Association depends on the generosity of people like you. There are many ways that individuals can help by "giving back" a portion of the good fortune with which they have been blessed.

    A donation of time may be what you can afford. Consumers Association sponsors several seminars, educational programs for the empowerment of the civil society which require volunteers. You don’t need special training, just a willing heart. You can also help by giving donations any kind in any currency in the world.

    Your contributions for the upliftment of society in any currency may please be forwarded to our joint Current Account no. 5 7 0 0 3 8 3 7 5 1 2 ( IFS Code ; SBTR 0000673 & SWIFT Code is SBT RIN BBF ED ) maintaining at State Bank of Travancore ( SBT ) Chandranagar branch , Palakkad- 678007 , Kerala , India .

    A tax deductible gift of money is always needed. This will keep the doors of many charitable organizations open in your community and around the world. You can donate to Consumers Association through any of the following modes.

    Checks or Money Orders from Kerala / India = The President / the General Secretary Consumers Association Hotel Soorya City, Sulthanpet , Palakkad, Kerala State- 678 001. Phone: 0491-2803467, Fax : 2569952. Mobile: 9446059952. surendranpdca@gmail.com, surendranpdca@rediffmail.com,

    If you have any questions concerning Consumers Association or if you are wondering how you can help, please feel free to contact us.

    Advt. PA. Surendran
    (CAG Member –TRAI ,CCPC & Sate Food Advisory Council ).
    General Secretary , Consumers' Association ,
    Hotel Soorya City, Sulthanpet , Palakkad, Kerala State- 678 001.
    Phone : 0491-2803467, Fax : 2569952. Mobile : 9446059952.
    e-mail : surendranpdca@gmail.com, surendranpdca@rediffmail.com,
    Our web site: www.consumersindia.org

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